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Access Control

Access Control

Key Stone Security is a specialist in access control offering a complete design, installation and maintenance package that is designed to each individual customer’s requirements.

Access control systems provide your business with the protection of your property, your personnel and your visitors. By managing and monitoring access into and from any area or building, our systems ensure the complete protection over any site.

We offer a range of solutions, from simple systems consisting of access control for single doors, ranging up to multi-site systems that incorporate multi card readers across multiple sites - we work with you to design a solution specific to your needs.

Our experience allows your Access Control system to be configured exclusively for your specific needs. It can be as flexible or as rigid as required, from allowing all employees access to all areas, monitoring employee whereabouts to a comprehensive system which can be configured according to levels of security across specific employees and areas of your business.

We can integrate your access control solution into your existing Building Management System if required,.

Intercom Systems

We offer several types of intercom systems ranging from voice only to the latest video technology linking multiple doors and rooms. Handsets also range from audio only to colour video and can have remote facilities for lock / unlock.

Call stations can be configured to suit individual requirements and can include key-code or Fob/card swipe for personal entry or just a simple call button.